Service & Maintenance

In-house Maintenance

We are devoted and provide timely, high quality, cost- effective repair services to keep our customers’ machinery running. Regardless of the original equipment manufacturer, you can be confident your machine will perform as expected after our repair. Equipment repair can be done at our Central Maintenance and Overhaul Facility or on-site.


On-Site Maintenance

Due to operational reasons,sometimes it may not be possible to remove machinery and transport it back to our facilities. In such cases we send a team of technicians to site for the overhaul of machinery which can be beneficial cost and timewise. Our trained team will disassemble, inspect and repair your equipment without having to take it off site. For critical repairs, we can check the history of the equipment and use our knowledge to estimate what parts will need replacing in order to have them at hand.

Predictive Maintenance

Predictive Maintenance is the process of monitoring the parameters of condition in equipment, such that a significant change is indicative of a developing trend towards failure.  Predictive Maintenance takes our maintenance service to the next level. By continually monitoring the condition of an equipment, we are able to predict when it will require maintenance rather than rely on pre-set time intervals.

To evaluate equipment condition, we utilize testing technologies such as;

  • Vibration measurement device
  • Shaft alignment device
  • Thermal camera
  • Computer aided vibration analysis system.


Commissioning plays a major role in the reliability and lifetime of a machine. Our expert team carries out commissioning with great precision and care. After completing all inspection and procedures and assuring correct operation, the commissioning work is handed over to the customer.




Frame Contracts

Annual Maintenance Contracts ensure keeping maintenance budgets and time schedule under control. Both preventive and predictive maintenance contracts can be signed in order to prevent the possible problems and minimize the downtime.