Food and Hygiene

  • We provide pumps for vegetable oil applications.
  • We have special hygienic pumps for tomato paste, ketchup, mayonnaise and sauce applications.
  • Liquid sugar, glucose, fructose and molasses process pumps
  • We supply pumps and self-cleaning filters needed for the transfer of high-viscosity fluids such as chocolate, cake batter, wafer dough, wafer cream, marshmallows, caramel, jelly and gum base.
  • Providing the pumps and equipment needed by the factories producing milk, cream, yogurt, liquid margarine and all kinds of cheese.
  • Supply of solid liquid separator and pumps used in whey.
  • Supply of pumps used in bread dough, chips dough, potato peel, yeast transfer.
  • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, fruit juices and concentrates, flavoring, food coloring and kieselguhr transfer pumps are available in our product range.
  • Honey, jam, tahini, molasses and peanut butter etc.
  • Liquid egg transfer
  • We supply MDM-minced meat transfer pumps
  • CIP application pumps are available
  • Liquid detergent, liquid soap, shampoo, shower gel, conditioner, lotions are transferred with the pumps in our product group.


Abel – Electric Motor Driven Diaphragm And Plunger Pumps

Alfa Laval – Hygienic Centrifugal and Lobe Pumps

Almatec – Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

Blackmer – Sliding Vane Pumps

Bredel – Hose (Peristaltic) Pumps

CP Pumpen – Magnetic Drive and Double Mechanical Seal Centrifugal Pump

Goulds Pumps- Centrifugal Process Pumps (API 610 Compliant Pumps)

Landia – Chopper Pumps

Lewa – API 674/675 Metering Pumps & Systems

Lutz – Drum and Container Pumps

Mono & Moyno – Progressive Cavity Pumps

Pompe Cucchi –Transfer & Metering Gear Pumps with API 676 option

Rheinhütte – Vert. & Horiz. Centrifugal Pumps for Abrasive / Agressive Fluids

Uraca – API 674 High Pressure Process and Cleaning Plunger Pumps

Waukesha-Hygienic Pumps and Process Equipment

Wilden – Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps

Complementary Fluid Transfer Equipment

Aflex Hose – PTFE Lined Hoses

Blacoh – Dampeners

Inpro/Seal -Bearing Protection & Complete Shaft Seals

Protego – Floating Suction Units & Safety Relief Valves

Russell Finex – Self Cleaning Filters

SafeRack – Tank Truck Loading Platforms

SATAM – Positive Displacement Flowmeters

Zipfluid – Top and Bottom Loading Arms