• We provide API 610 and ISO compliant pumps for the transfer of fuels such as diesel, gasoline, kerosene, etc. at refinery and filling terminals. 
  • For the transfer of viscous products obtained from refinery raw material operations such as HFO, CO, Bitumen, we supply screw pumps that comply with API 676. 
  • We can meet the demand for pallet type pumps, preferred for the transfer of cold and flammable products such as LPG and anhydrous ammonia. 
  • We can supply piston dosing pumps and package systems that comply with AP 674/675 standards for the blending and odorizing needs of products such as fuels and LPG. 
  • We provide supply of top & bottom loading arms, folding stairs, and dry disconnect couplings used in filling islands of refineries and filling terminals. 
  • We supply mechanical or electronic positive displacement (PD) metering systems used during loading/unloading operations of railway and truck tankers. 
  • We provide supply of safety valves such as PV/RV for flammable and explosive product storage tanks and detonation/deflagration flame arresters used in liquid and gas phase pipelines. 
  • We offer supply and installation services for vapor recovery units (VRU) that are mandatory to use in filling terminals according to international/national regulations.

Pump Group

Abel – Electric Motor Driven Diaphragm And Plunger Pumps

Blackmer – Sliding Vane Pumps

Goulds Pumps- Centrifugal Process Pumps (API 610 Compliant Pumps)

Leistritz – API 676 Screw Pumps

Lewa – API 674/675 Metering Pumps & Systems

Lutz – Drum and Container Pumps

Mono & Moyno – Progressive Cavity Pumps

Pompe Cucchi –Transfer & Metering Gear Pumps with API 676 option

Uraca – API 674 High Pressure Process and Cleaning Plunger Pumps

Wilden – Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps

Complementary Fluid Transfer Equipment

Faudi – Filter / Water Separators, Microfilters and Sensors

FUELSTAT – Fuel Tests

Inpro/Seal -Bearing Protection & Complete Shaft Seals

Kranz – Reciprocating Compressor Components

Protego – Floating Suction Units & Safety Relief Valves

SafeRack – Tank Truck Loading Platforms

SATAM – Positive Displacement Flowmeters

Todo – Dry Break Coupling

Woodfield – Marine Loading Arms/Swivels

Zipfluid – Top and Bottom Loading Arms