Iron and Steel

  • Plastic pumps made out of PTFE,PVDF or PP are preferred for HCl Pickling lines
  • For H2SO4 Pickling Lines, plastic pumps made out of PTFE,PVDF or PP are used
  • For descaling applications and removal of impurities from iron oxide formed on the surface during the manufacturing process of metal products, high pressure piston pumps are preferred.
  • Screw pumps are used for lubrication oil in Roller Lubrication applications.  
  • Random packings and column internals are used as Mass Transfer Equipment.

Pump Group

Abel – Electric Motor Driven Diaphragm And Plunger Pumps

Almatec – Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps

Bredel – Hose (Peristaltic) Pumps

CP Pumpen – Magnetic Drive and Double Mechanical Seal Centrifugal Pump

Goulds Pumps- Centrifugal Process Pumps (API 610 Compliant Pumps)

Leistritz – API 676 Screw Pumps

Lewa – API 674/675 Metering Pumps & Systems

Lutz – Drum and Container Pumps

Nikkiso Cryo – Cryogenic Pumps

Nikkiso ACD – Cryogenic Pumps

Mono & Moyno – Progressive Cavity Pumps

Pompe Cucchi –Transfer & Metering Gear Pumps with API 676 option

Rheinhütte – Vert. & Horiz. Centrifugal Pumps for Abrasive / Agressive Fluids

Uraca – API 674 High Pressure Process and Cleaning Plunger Pumps

Wilden – Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps

Complementary Fluid Transfer Equipment

Aflex Hose – PTFE Lined Hoses

Blacoh – Dampeners

Inpro/Seal -Bearing Protection & Complete Shaft Seals

Kranz – Reciprocating Compressor Components

Protego – Floating Suction Units & Safety Relief Valves

RVT – Mass Transfer Equipment

Todo – Dry Break Coupling

VAG – Water / Wastewater Valves & Armatures