Filter / Water Separators

Country Germany

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    About Brand

    Located in Germany, FAUDI manufactures filter components and filtering devices, such as sensors consistent with API /EI standards for decomposition of water and thin solid particles in aviation fuels. Filters which are produced in Germany have been serving at civil and military airports for many years. Given that supplying water-free and particle-free clean fuel to aircraft is very essential for a safe flight, such equipment is under the audit of international independent.


    • Water Level Indicators
    • Differential Pressure Gauges
    • Air Vents
    • Pressure Relief Valves
    • Water Drain Devices
    • Sample Probe Kits
    • Water Sump Heatings
    • Flow Indicator Devices
    • Afguard
    • Drainguard
    • Slugguard
    • DP gauge